Merridith, Tricia, and Joyce Video Class Demonstration

Merridith loves teaching yoga that caters to all levels, the true beginner, the individual that requires special modifications, and the student that is looking for challenges. Each class is designed to help each student progress at their own pace as their physical abillities allow. There is truly something for everyone in a MYogaRebel classroom. Merridith designs classes that combine postural alignment, stamina, strength, flexibility, and relaxation (with a hint of humor tossed in) for a unique and inspiring yoga experience.

Merridith has been passionate about physical fitness since her early teen years, and feels blessed to have turned that passion into a career that she gets excited about on a daily basis. Helping people reach their goals, find strength they did not know they had, and, ultimately, feel GOOD about themselves is the greatest reward she can imagine. She has over twenty years experience changing lives through motivation, exercise and proper nutrition. Merridith welcomes interaction with her students, and is always available to answer your questions about your yoga practice. Feel free to contact her via email on our contact page.

Merridith is Cooper Institute certified personal trainer and a formally trained yoga instructor. She has been practicing yoga most of her life Certification include: Cooper Institute - CPT, AAAI - CPT, Strength Conditioning & Weight Training, Yogafit, PiYo Strength, and Mat Pilates. 

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Hold That Pose

'Merridith has been my instructor for the past 2 1/2 years. She is more than a trainer because she has so much knowledge of the human body, muscles, tendons, bones and joints. Merridith is the best!'

- Bill R. - Prosper, TX

'Merridith is the most inspirational Pilates/Yoga instructor I have ever had. Classes were fun, hard, and worth every minute. Still using her techniques and tips today. Thanks for the journey Merridith!'

- Sharma H. - Pueblo West, CO

'Merridith's yoga routines and positive messages help me stay focused. Her clear, encouraging instructions, work for all levels of participation. Now that physical distance keeps me from attending her classes I am thankful I can continue to keep my yoga practice going in her 'virtual classroom'. I love Merridith's website.'

- Allison S. - Pueblo West, CO

'Yoga has changed my life! I went into my first class not being able to touch my toes and ended up with not only much improved flexibility, but also found that breathing techniques learned in yoga improved my running, my strength increased through a wide range of motion as well as improved mental well-being. Merridith makes yoga fun but also accessible to people across many skill ranges, from the beginner to the more advanced.'

- Sarah O. - Cairns, Australia

'My personal experience working out with Merridith York as my personal trainer has always been a positive experience. Merridith is professional and she knows what to do to get results. I lose weight, gain muscle and I look and feel better. Strength and flexibility are important to me. I have shoulder issues and she is always very attentive about what I need to do in order to keep from getting 'frozen shoulder' and to not do further damage while making sure we keep it moving.'

- Lotti Q. - Prosper, TX